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Permission to Exhale, PLLC is owned and operated by Austin Holifield, MMFT, LMFTA. He is a trained EMDR Trauma Therapist who specializes in working with men. 

"As a long time student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I realized the life altering benefits of this art in my own life. However, it was only after my formal training as a trauma therapist that I began to see the true potential of this art. We often think of trauma as only being a "brain" problem, and so we try to think and talk our way back to wholeness. But our brain is intimately connected with the rest of our body's sensory information, chemical exchanges, and electrical signals. For me personally, I had to start with the body, the breathing, the sweating, the exertion, and restraint. Only then could my brain do its restorative work."

-Austin Holfiield

Permission to Exhale's Decisive Control Training is designed to harmonize the body and mind through consistency, hard work, and community. Until the competing systems within a person are brought into harmony, the competing systems in which we participate can never thrive. We strengthen the individual, to strengthen the family, to strengthen society. 

The Core of Decisive Control

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